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How can I determine dates for repeating schedules
~Mark Refoopuloopsi 01/20/2004 06:30 PM
Domino Designer 6.0.3 Windows 2000; Windows XP

I have a challenge that I could use some assistance with. I have to devise a way for our users to create a 'ticket' and schedule when it will be sent out.

The options need to be
1) Daily
2) Weekly
3) Monthly
4) on the Nth (ie: 1st, 12th, 22nd, etc.) day of the month
5) every Nth week of the month on the X day of that week.
6) every Nth day (Monday, Thursday, Saturday, etc) of the month

I am trying to come up with an agent that will set a field with the first date that meets the criteria and then when the agent runs against it, change the field to the next date.

The Daily, Weekly and Monthly options are easy. It is the last two options that are causing me problems.

How do I determine the date of the first Sunday of the month or the 3rd Wednesday or the Monday in the 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) week of the month?

Anyone have any examples (formula or script) that could help with this problem?

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